Reflections on the road so far

2017 was a momentous year for me. I remember the day I walked into my publisher's office and told her I was leaving the paper. Actually, I don't remember the exact day - I forget if it was a Monday or Tuesday, or if it was the last week of May or first week of … Continue reading Reflections on the road so far

Medellin and the Pan-American (to Manizales)

I’m sitting in bed at the amazing Hostel Kaleidoscopo in Manizales, relaxing after exploring part of the city on foot today. Manizales isn’t on the classic backpacker circuit of Colombia, which is all the better after spending too many nights in Medellin. I spent 4.5 days in Medellin, Colombia’s second biggest and most modern city. … Continue reading Medellin and the Pan-American (to Manizales)

Seven days in the saddle – San Gil to Medellin

What goes down, must go up That’s the way I’ve felt the last few days – dreading every little downhill because it means I have to climb back up again. Such is it after 6.5 days in a row of challenging roads (except for one boring stretch of pavement on the Pan-American Highway.) At the … Continue reading Seven days in the saddle – San Gil to Medellin