Out of the highlands: From Salinas to Banos

Forty-seven years ago, an Italian missionary named Father Antonio Polo was sent to the rural Ecuadorian town of Salinas de Guaranda (also de Bolivar, depending on the map) to help build a school. He was there for three months, but decided that wasn't enough to effect real change, so he went back. Salinas was a … Continue reading Out of the highlands: From Salinas to Banos

Contrasts in Bogota

Bogota is an ugly city with mostly grey buildings and terrible traffic, but with incredible graffiti. In fact, I think it's downplaying the quality of the works to call them graffiti  because they truly are amazing. Bogotans have embraced street art in a big way, recognizing it's the best way to cheer up an otherwise architecturally uninspiring … Continue reading Contrasts in Bogota