Up against the divide: Cajatambo to Tarma

Cold. Tired. Uninspired. Bored? The last week of riding was my toughest mentally and physically yet. For three days I felt like I was on the world’s largest yo-yo – ascending huge climbs, only to drop a long way down again. I had one particularly amazing day that renewed my spirits, but the three after … Continue reading Up against the divide: Cajatambo to Tarma

Break time: A detour to the Galapagos

After more than seven weeks on the bicycle and a couple of days exploring Quito, it was time for a break. I was feeling perpetually tired and my legs were definitely getting sluggish. Over the course of my trip, I'd heard from numerous backpackers how wonderful the Galapagos was and that even though it's expensive, … Continue reading Break time: A detour to the Galapagos

The route so far

A few people have asked to see my route map. I can't figure out how to embed it in WordPress, so here's the link: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/18240178 Basically, it's been Bogota - Suesca - Villa de Leyva - Paipa - Mongui - Paramo Ruisa - San Gil - Zapatoca - San Vincente de Chucuri - San Rafael - … Continue reading The route so far

A trip up Avalanche Mountain

This is an old trip report I wrote in February 2015. This has been a weird winter in Revelstoke. We've had lots of snow, including a couple of epic days, but for the most part, the big storms have come with rapidly warming weather and snow has turned to schmoo and schmoo has turned into … Continue reading A trip up Avalanche Mountain